Dr. Flam’s Phytropix contains silymarin, which is a beneficial flavolignan that is thought to offer a variety of benefits for the body and the mind.

Native to the Mediterranean, milk thistle has been used for thousands of years to treat liver, gallbladder and kidney conditions. Silymarin is the main active ingredient in milk thistle. It is extracted from the leaves of the milk thistle plant. Approximately 65 to 80 percent of the plant is made of silymarin. 1

Silymarin belongs to a class of compounds called flavolignans. This particular compound is believed to be responsible for most of the benefits of milk thistle. It is known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. One of the most beneficial properties of silymarin is its effects on the liver. Silymarin reduces liver injury that is caused by iron overload, alcohol, and other toxins and acetaminophen (Tylenol).2

Silymarin also prevents liver scarring and inhibits the binding of toxins to liver cells, which makes it a powerful treatment for many liver conditions, including hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease and cirrhosis of the liver.2

Aside from its effects on the liver, silymarin offers a number of other benefits. Here are just a few of them.

Anti-Cancer Benefits

Several studies have found that silymarin may have some potential in preventing or treating various cancers. Silymarin has been found to inhibit the growth of many types of cancer cells including prostate, breast, bladder and cervical cancers.3

Silymarin has also been found to shrink skin cancer tumors. In fact, in one study, researchers said that silymarin would be a beneficial addition to sunscreens in helping protect against UVB induced skin cancers. 3

Silybin has also been found to enhance the effects of both chemo and radiation therapies. This compound is especially helpful in drug-resistant cancers. 3

Diabetes Management

Silymarin may help control diabetes and its complications. The compound has been found to have hypoglycemic properties. It lowers blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. In one study, a group of patients was treated with 200 mg of silymarin three times daily for four months. Compared to a control group who received just a placebo, the patients treated with silymarin had a significant reduction in blood sugar levels. Their average blood glucose levels fell from an average of 156mg/dl to 133mg/dl compared to an increase in the placebo-treated group. 4

Not only does silymarin help lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, but it has also been found to reduce the complications of devastating diabetic complications, including diabetic neuropathy.4

Brain Health

Research studies suggest that silymarin may have a positive effect on the brain. The compound appears to have neuro-protective properties. Animal studies suggest that this compound is a useful agent in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been found to be beneficial in Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.5

A great way to supplement silymarin is by taking Dr. Flam’s Phytropix. In addition to silymarin, this potent nootropic (brain enhancing agent) contains nine different polyphenols, which are powerful compounds that offer immense benefits on health and wellness.

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