Dr. Gary Flam is an expert and visionary in the fields of health and wellness, nutrition, ergogenics (performance enhancers), pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

Fueled by years of caring for patients and the struggles of family illnesses, Dr. Flam witnessed first-hand the incredible benefits that an optimized health and wellness program has on recovery and quality of life. He’s committed his life mission to the studying and researching of superfood and dietary supplements, and to creating a unique class of products that truly changes lives.

Dr. Flam’s passion to serve people to live a better, more healthful quality of life is realized in his company, PhytoLife, LLC, a premium, science-driven supplement company delivering optimal health and performance through education, supplements, and super foods. The first astounding products from Dr. Flam are the Phytropix™ Supplements, created from the world’s most scientifically exacting blends of high potency, high purity ingredients, and providing unparalleled health benefits not found elsewhere.

Additionally, Dr. Flam serves as an owner/partner of Pharmaceutical Litigation Strategies offering research assimilation, expert acquisition, deposition planning and preparation for legal trial support.

Dr. Flam is also an integrative medicine consultant, and owner/inventor at Ebiomedical Technologies Group, Inc. as well as an anesthesiologist at U.S. Anesthesia Partners. Dr. Flam has a published guidebook based on his guiding principles, “100 Ways to Optimize Your Life.