One supplement to a better you

  • Better physical, athletic, and sexual performance

  • Improves brain function: memory, concentration, cognition and mood

  • Improves immunity and fights infections

  • Decreases allergic and autoimmune activity

  • Reduces inflammation and chronic pain

  • Improves blood flow and promotes tissue healing

  • Promotes weight loss and improves metabolism

  • Fights cancer, diabetes and lipid disorders

  • Slows Aging

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About Dr. Flam

Dr. Gary Flam is an expert, consultant, author, inventor, entrepreneur, and visionary in the fields of health and wellness, nutrition, ergogenics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. After years of caring for patients and dealing with several family illnesses, Dr. Flam set out on a personal quest for the ultimate in nutrition, physical performance and supplementation. These goals have come to fruition with his establishment of PhytoLife, LLC, a premium, science-driven supplement company that delivers optimal health and performance through education, supplements, and super foods.

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I have been taking this supplement for about a year now… ABSOLUTELY love it… Gives you energy and also curbs your appetite… totally recommend


Awesome product. Dr. Flam has done it again! He is truly brilliant! New blend makes me sharp as a tack with unlimited energy, but not jittery.


Just started but already feeling an improvement in wellness feeling and my head is clearer. Very satisfied customer. Thank you Dr. Flam!


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